Applications:  Sanitary Design Combined with Reliability

Sanitary design is the key feature of our stainless, washdown motors, gear reducers and couplings.  Our bright, #4 line finished 304 stainless products not only look clean, they stay clean.  Sanifan® motors with a crevice-free fan shroud mounting and a polished crevice- free stainless cooling fan increase cleanability during washdown and reduce the risk of hidden contaminants.   Built with an integral spray endbell, Sanifan® PLUS motors provide unmatched cleaning ability for the ultimate addition to your existing Clean-in-Place (CIP) system.

We know how costly production downtime is to your bottom line.  Quality materials and expert engineering ensure the reliability and longevity of our products.  Downtime for maintenance and equipment replacement is minimized.  Productivity is maximized.   

As an industry leader, we are the sole manufacturer of stainless washdown Explosion Proof (XP) motors used in locations where hazardous liquids, vapors or dust exist.  Our stainless Water-Cooled motors provide a sanitary and efficient means of energy recovery and savings for processors.

Standard washdown motors meet NEMA MG1, part 31 for inverter performance and are recognized by UL under component file #E135744 for the US and Canada.  Hazardous location (XP) motors are UL approved under file #E321578.  Our motors are IP66 rated and have a 1.15 service factor with a turndown ratio of 4:1 constant torque and 10:1 variable torque. 

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Food & Beverage

Stainless Motors, Inc. understands Food & Beverage processors’ need for both hygiene and reliability in power transmission equipment.   

Typical Uses:                                                                                                       

•    Leafy Greens and Fresh Produce processing
•    Meat and Poultry processing
•    Ready to Eat (RTE) Food processing
•    Dairy, Ice Cream, and Frozen Food applications
•    Mixing, Shredding, Dicing, Slicing applications
•    Kettle Cooking and Deep Frying applications
•    Conveying Equipment
•    Energy Recovery


Pharmaceutical applications require precise, reliable equipment that complies with strict hygienic standards.  Stainless Motors, Inc.’s products meet all of your needs.

Typical Uses:                                                                                                                                      

•    Mixing, Filling, and Grinding applications
•    Temperature Controlled applications
•    Conveying equipment

We can also provide Specialty Components such as mounting adapters and seal housings.





Hazardous Location (XP) 

Stainless Motors, Inc. was the first to develop stainless steel washdown duty motors approved by UL for use in hazardous locations.  Our Explosion Proof (XP) motors are suitable for use in the most critical areas of the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Food Processing industries where cleanliness, washdown tolerance, and safety concerns arising from hazardous liquids, vapors or dust exist.  

Our XP motors may be used with PWM inverters and yield a 4:1 constant torque and a 10:1 variable torque turndown ratio.  

They are approved for Class I, Division I, Groups C & D and Class II, Division I, Groups F & G under UL File #E321578.

Typical Uses:                                                                                                                        

•    Pharmaceutical processing
•    Food and Beverage processing
•    Grain processing
•    Brewery and Distillery applications
•    Chemical processing

Vertical Mount

Vertical Shaft Up mounting applications present a special challenge for washdown motors.  Any recess in the motor’s drive end (DE) endbell will pool water and increase the risk of water entry through the shaft seal leading to bearing damage and eventual motor failure.

Stainless Motors, Inc. has designed a Vertical Shaft Up motor that specifically solves these challenges.  Our motor utilizes an optimized, tapered endbell for easy drainage, along with an O-ring sealed rotating umbrella shield which eliminates the possibility of water entering past the shaft seals.  

Vertical Shaft Down applications can present similar challenges of water entry.  Our Vertical Shaft Down motor features a specially designed opposite drive end (ODE) endbell as well as seals and O-rings designed to prevent water entry.

Our vertically mounted motors may be ordered with the junction box in F1, F2, or F3 positions and the conduit port positioned for easy installation and access.

Typical Uses:                                                                                                          

•    Poultry processing
•    Dairy and Ice Cream processing
•    Juicing applications

Pump Drive

We offer the specialized J, JM, and JP frame motors that pumping applications require.  

Typical Uses:                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

•    Food and Beverage processing
•    Pharmaceutical and Biotech processing
•    Personal Care Product processing
•    Marine and Submersible applications

We manufacture stainless, washdown flexible couplings, pump stands and portable pump carts.

Freezer Duty

Processing temperatures at or below -40° C create unique challenges for stainless steel motors.  Two potential obstacles include the thermal expansion rate of metals and low temperature elastomer stiffening.  Stainless Motors, Inc. overcomes these challenges.   The design of our Freezer Duty motors is optimized for extremely low temperature applications.

Typical Uses:                                                                           

•    Ready to Eat (RTE) food processing
•    Meat and Poultry processing
•    Dairy and Ice Cream processing

Energy Recovery

To reduce high energy costs, processing waste heat must be efficiently recovered and productively utilized.  Our stainless washdown Water Cooled motor provides the solution.   Motor generated waste heat is absorbed by its circulating cooling water and made available for productive use elsewhere. If a processing application requires hot water, warm water discharge from our Water Cooled motor can be directly used to provide huge energy savings.   The motor’s stainless steel housing, water jacket, and endbells will not rust or impart corrosion debris to the cooling water assuring water chemistry and its purity is unchanged.  Hot water produced is potable and suitable for use in other applications.

Typical Uses for the hot water recovered:                                                                            

•    Feeding Boilers
•    Supplying Steam to Cooking Kettles
•    Equipment Washdown

Marine / Salt Water / Submersible

T316 stainless steel stands up to rigorous salt water environments.  Combining reliability with the good looks of T316 stainless, our marine motors are equally suited on the salt-sprayed deck or within the confines of an engine room.   Single Phase T316 models feature high efficiency capacitor start, capacitor run design, and an electronic starting switch in a rugged, compact design. Our submersible motors available in standard T304 are also optimized for underwater operation.      

Typical Uses:                                                                   

•    Drilling
•    Water Pumps
•    Boat Lifts
•    Shipboard applications:

o    fuel and oil transfer pumps
o    air conditioning recirculation pumps
o    macerator pumps
o    dive compressors
o    seafood processing