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Frequently Asked Questions

General Product Information

Q. Do you offer DC motors?

A. No.  All of our motors are AC motors.  Our AC motors are available as Three Phase up to 500 HP and Single Phase up to 5HP.


Q.  What is Sanifan® Technology?

A.  Sanifan® motors offer a crevice-free, sanitary design and reduce the risk of hidden contamination under the fan shroud.


Q. Why have you discontinued your Food and Pharmaceutical motor series?

A.  The needs of both Food and Pharmaceutical application motors are now met by the Sanifan® and Sanifan® PLUS motor families.   If an existing Food or Pharmaceutical series motor needs to be replaced, a Sanifan® or Sanifan® PLUS series motor can do the job.  Sanifan® and Sanifan® PLUS motors are dimensionally the same as Food and Pharmaceutical motors, but they have enhanced sanitary features.  Thermostats were standard on our Pharmaceutical motors.  They can be added as an option to our Sanifan® and Sanifan® PLUS motors. 


Q.  What is the difference between Sanifan® and Sanifan® PLUS motors?

A.  Both motor series include all of the sanitary features of Sanifan®, but Sanifan® PLUS motor have an integral spray endbell which cleans the fan and fan shroud from the inside out.  Sanifan® PLUS motors are a great addition to an existing Clean In Place (CIP) system.


Q. Do you manufacture motors in painted cast steel?

A. No.  We manufacture motors in stainless steel only.  


Q.  Why do you only offer stainless steel motors and not painted cast steel?

A.  Stainless steel has a smooth, sanitary surface that is easy to clean and can safely handle high pressure and high temperature water conditions.  When painted cast steel is subjected to these conditions, there is a greater risk of product contamination due to paint chips falling off as well as bacteria or debris remaining on the equipment.


Q. What grade of stainless steel do you use?

A. Our standard products use Type 304 for all outer surfaces and 17-4 H1150 for the shafts.  We can also provide motors in Type 316 stainless which is suitable for marine or saltwater applications.


Q.  What type of finish do you provide on your motors and gear reducers?

A. We provide a sanitary #4 line finish on all surfaces of motors and gear reducers. 


Q. Why are your products more expensive?

A. Our products are engineered and manufactured in the USA with tight tolerances and using the highest quality materials available.  Our goal is to ensure superior performance, longevity, and low maintenance reliability.   Many of our motors and gear motors have been in service for more than 10 years demonstrating the low Total Cost of Ownership of our products.


Q. Do you offer metric frame motors?

A. Yes. We offer IEC (metric) frame motors in sizes from 0.18kW to 37kW.


Q. Are your motors inverter duty?

A. Yes.   All of our motors are inverter duty.


Q. What is the Service Factor of your motors?

A. Most of our motors have a 1.15 S.F.


Q. Do your motors meet the latest efficiency standards?

A. All of our motors meet the latest efficiency criteria of EISA 2007 effective December, 2010.  IEC (metric) frame motors meet IE3 efficiency class requirements.


Q. Are your products designed for washdown duty?

A. Yes.  All of our stainless steel motors, gearmotors, couplings, and adapters meet the required specifications for washdown duty in each industry.


Q. Can your products be customized?

A. Many custom features and modifications are available to meet special requirements.


Q. Do your motors have encapsulated windings?

A. No.  Other manufacturers encapsulate their windings to protect them from water entry.  However, if water has entered the motor, the shaft seal has been compromised and the bearings will fail.  Our seals are designed to prevent water entry into the motor body thereby eliminating the need for encapsulation.


Q. What about condensation inside the motor?

A. Condensation will only occur if there is exchange of air allowing moisture to enter the motor. Our motor design prevents air exchange from occurring, so condensation is not a problem.


Q. Do you offer helical gear motors?

A. No, but we do offer inline planetary gearmotors in sizes up to 30HP.


Q. Do you offer helical bevel gear reducers?

A. No, but we do offer right angle worm drive, spiral bevel, and compound planetary/spiral bevel reducers.


Q. Is your gear motor lubricant Food Grade (H1) rated?

A. Yes.  Both the grease and oil used are H1 rated.


Q. How do I know which gear motor to select?

A.  Please refer to the charts and information provided in the Gear Motors & Reducers section of the website.   If you have questions, please contact us and we will be glad to help you.


Special Duty Motors

Q. Do you sell hazardous location / explosion proof motors?

A. Yes.  We offer Explosion Proof (XP) motors for Class 1 and Class 2 hazardous locations in sizes up to 5HP.  Our XP motors are inverter duty, washdown duty, and utilize stainless construction.


Q. Do you offer brake motors?

A. Yes.  We can install spring loaded electro mechanical brakes with a manual release on most of our motors. The brake is housed in a sealed, water tight stainless enclosure.


Q. Can your motors operate in a freezer?

A. Our Freezer Duty motors include custom features for operation at sub-freezing temperatures.


Q. Are your motors submersible?

A. Submersion Duty (IP68) motors designed to operate under water are available.


Q. Do you have motors for high ambient temperature applications?

A. We use Class H insulation for high temperature installations as well as custom cooling options.


Q. Can your motors be mounted in a shaft up, vertical orientation?

A. We have special designs for a variety of mounting orientations, including vertical shaft-up installation. Our shaft-up design includes a custom endbell and shaft umbrella that sheds the water off the motor so it never contacts the seal.


Warranty / Repair

Q. What is your warranty period?

A. All of our products are covered by a limited 1-year warranty. 


Q. Why don’t you offer a longer warranty period?

A.  In the event of product failure, we want to be involved in evaluating the application to recommend a solution.  Simply replacing the product may not solve the problem as unknown factors that contributed to the failure.


Q. Can your motors be serviced at any motor repair facility?

A. Due to their unique construction, we recommend our motors be returned to us for maintenance or repair.



Q. Where do your products ship from?

A. All of our products are shipped from our manufacturing facility in Rio Rancho (Albuquerque), NM, USA.


Q. What is your freight policy?

A. All products ship FOB, Rio Rancho, NM.