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Stainless Electric Motors – Now with Sanifan® Technology

Stainless Motors, Inc. offers a vast selection of washdown duty stainless steel motors manufactured in the USA, and known for their reliability and unsurpassed quality. No foreign made product can match our high manufacturing standards. With the release of our patent pending Sanifan® Technology all of our washdown duty stainless motors now incorporate these super sanitary features. Sanifan® Technology features are included and considered standard features on our motors.  Sanifan PLUS offers an integral spray endbell  along with various port options.  No other stainless motor manufacturer can offer this level of cleanability. Sanifan® Technology is the new meaning of clean!

We offer four different series of motors and can customize any motor to meet your specific application needs. All of our stainless motors are of the highest quality and are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. to meet specific industry requirements. Our Sanifan Technology Series motors are produced according to the standards of the Food Processing Industry and also are made to resist the chemical processing corrosives of the Pharmaceutical Industry.  Complete with our revolutionary Sanifan® Technology and available with our optional Sanifan® PLUS Technology, these motors clearly provide the highest level of sanitation by reducing the gaps and crevices that harbor contaminants.

The Marine Series is specifically for saltwater spray and the heat of small engines rooms and is manufactured in T316. All of our motors are available in T316 upon request for other applications as well.

If you need an explosion proof motor, look no further! Stainless Motors, Inc. developed the first washdown duty stainless motor approved and UL listed for hazardous locations. They are Class I, Division I, Groups C & D and Class II, Division I, Groups F & G approved up to 5 HP.

We are proud to offer our water cooled energy recovery stainless motor up to 400 HP. This motor is exceptionally efficient and can save thousands of dollars in energy costs by “recovering” the waste heat produced to heat water making it available for use as boiler feed water, in steamers or for cleaning. The water passages do not affect the water purity keeping it 100% potable water. This severe duty wash down motor can be utilized for energy cost savings within manufacturing plants, hotels and factories.

All of our stainless motors are available with a variety of cooling options, mounting configurations and various horsepower for all your stainless, sanitary washdown duty motor needs.

Download the Sanifan Technology White Paper
This white paper discusses how Sanifan® Technology assists food processors in implementing a preventative plan to reduce the risk of contamination as proposed by the Preventive Controls for Human Food rule of the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

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