Many modification options and accessories are available beyond our standard product features, such as custom shafts, alternate windings, and custom gear ratios, just to name a few.

All of our products are assembled to order allowing our customers to select the options right for them. When you partner with us, you are not limited to the stock models offered by other manufacturers. We will manufacture a motor or gear motor to suit your specific requirements. Send your specifications to our Sales Department and we will be happy to assist you.



In addition to motors, gear reducers and couplings, we offer a variety of special components, such as seal housings, mounting adapters, and other custom fabrications.

Email Sales for additional features, such as:

  • • Thermostats
  • • Thermistors
  • • RTDs
  • • Brake Motors
  • • 2-Speed Motors
  • • Tachometers
  • • Encoders
  • • Freezer Duty Motors (ambient temperatures
       down to -40℃)
  • • Contact Sales for information about Freezer Duty
       Motors at temperatures from -40℃ to -105℃
  • • Submersible Motors
  • • Custom shaft dimensions, mounting, or Volts/Hz

  • Plus more options and customizations available!


We have ample experience working with OEMs and arriving at solutions to meet specific needs. Our stainless washdown motors and gearmotors add value to processing equipment, not only with improved sanitation and reliability, but also with the clean look and brilliance of stainless steel.


We welcome challenges from our processing customers. Our flexible, in-house manufacturing allows us to provide “one off” solutions for our customers that larger manufacturers cannot or will not offer.

If you are experiencing motor failures caused by demanding processing applications, turn to us for a solution. Our engineers will ferret out the root cause of the failure and optimize our motor for your application. From problematic vertically mounted orientations to applications with harsh processing conditions, we can find the answer. Innovative, creative problem-solving is our strong point.