Designed for rigorous washdown applications, our stainless gearmotors & reducers are available in several designs to suit every application and are made to order to meet your specifications.


RA520 HB 3HP 4 POLE-4A.185

Right Angle Worm Drive (RA)

Our Right Angle Worm Drive (RA) gear reducer features hardened and ground worms and aluminum-bronze worm gears for high capacity and longevity. RA gear boxes are machined and ground to a sanitary #4 finish on all surfaces. Single, double and hollow bore output shafts are available with right-hand, left-hand and vertical assembly options.

Inline Planetary (IL)

Efficient and compact, our Inline Planetary (IL) gearmotors feature cast T304 housings with sanitary foot mounts. Sanitary design is evident in the smooth, cylindrical shape and integral motor interface. All outer surfaces are fully machined and ground for a superior sanitary finish. Custom modifications such as a flange or C-face mount or altered shaft dimensions are readily available. 

spiral bevel (sb)

Spiral Bevel (SB) gear reducers provide high efficiency and quiet operation in low ratios. SB gearmotors are built as true gearmotors, with the pinion gear mounted directly on a modified motor shaft. SB gear reducers offer excellent efficiency and can be provided with C-face or flange-mount output faces. Right-hand, left-hand, and vertical assembly options are available.

Compound Planetary Inline Spiral Bevel (SBT)

Compact and highly efficient, SBT gearmotors are ideal for high ratio, high power applications.

The IL gear reducer mounts directly off of the motor shaft. The IL shaft then feeds into the SB gear reducer housed in a unique tubular casing. The tubular housing features smooth, easily cleanable surfaces.



Many modification options and accessories are available beyond our standard product features,
such as custom shafts, alternate windings, and custom gear ratios, just to name a few.