Hazardous Duty or "Explosion Proof" motors are designed to contain an internal fuel ignition occurring within the motor and to prevent the release of flame and the generation of excessive surface temperatures.


Stainless Motors, Inc. is the only manufacturer of washdown duty stainless steel motors approved for use by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in hazardous locations. Our patented Explosion Proof (XP) motors [U.S. Patent No. 8,227,947] are well suited for applications requiring strict sanitation and washdown tolerance in combination with safety concerns arising from hazardous liquids, vapors or dust.


• Class 1 | Division 1 | Groups C & D

• Class 2 | Division 1 | Groups F & G

• Temperature Code Rating T3B

• Thermostats for over-temperature protection

• 2:1 to 3:1 constant torque

• 10:1 variable torque turndown ratio

• PWM Inverter approved

• UL File #E321578

Examples of Class I (Gases, Vapors), Division I:

Group C (Acetaldehyde, cyclopropane, diethel ether, ethylene, isoprene )

Group D (Acetone, acrylonitrite, ammonia, benzene, butane, ethylene dichloride, gasoline, hexane, methane, methanol, naphtha, propane, propylene, styrene, toluene, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride, xylem)

Examples of Class II (Combustible Dusts), Division I:

Group F (Carbon black, coke or coal dust)
Group G (Flour, starch or grain dust)

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