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John Oleson is the founder of and chief engineer at Stainless Motors. He received his BSME from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California and is a Registered Professional Engineer in California and New Mexico. Early in his career, John was involved in conceiving and developing automated machinery related to plasma fractionation as the R&D Engineering Manager at Alpha Therapeutics. Aside from being a Professional Engineer and entrepreneur, John is also a successful inventor, holding several patents that are integral to our high-quality brand. In addition to overseeing all business operations, John, as the Chief Engineer, also oversees the development of new products.


Andrew Cook joined Stainless Motors in 2007 and is our Engineering Manager. With a BSME from the University of New Mexico, Andrew has been developing innovative solutions into unique customer requirements for stainless steel washdown motors and gear reducers. Andrew and his team employ the most modern engineering and analysis tools to address our clients’ ever-changing needs and evolving market demands. It is through the efforts of the Engineering department that our products are consistently 5-7 years ahead of other manufacturers’ offerings.



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Marcos Gulin is our Lead Sales Development Associate and is in charge of maintaining current business relationships, as well as developing new ones with prospective clients. He provides added support, by applying his knowledge of our product features to match the needs of our customers, ensuring our client’s total satisfaction long after the initial purchase.


Gene Filion has been with the company since 1999 and is the Sales Manager at Stainless Motors. He interfaces with our engineering department regarding custom solutions, and effectively acts as the liaison between the engineering staff and our clients whenever a unique modification to our product is requested. He has been the point person for thousands of clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and food industries, serving their stainless motor needs.

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