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Founded in 1988, Stainless Motors created the first stainless steel washdown motor on the market. Stainless gear reducers, gearmotors, and flexible couplings were added soon afterward to satisfy the industry’s growing demand for our stainless products. ​

Today, Stainless Motors continues to lead the industry with both best-in-class stainless steel products that perform in extreme conditions and cutting-edge, patented technology that mitigates contamination and your risk liability.


Customer satisfaction is our goal. We work with our end user and OEM customers to find the optimum solutions for their needs. Flexibility and the ability to manufacture “one off” products make us the right choice for special projects. No job is too demanding for us – our engineering ability is limited only by the laws of physics.

We never compromise on quality. Only the finest materials are used in manufacturing our products. Standard features such as TIG welded junction boxes and feet plus the utilization of heat treated 17-4 H1150 stainless shafts for increased strength distinguish our motors from those of other manufacturers. Superior mechanical seals prevent moisture contact with the motor internals and double-sealed bearings used in our motors and gearmotors prevent moisture damage to critical moving parts.

We build our products for longevity and reliability to minimize our customers’ maintenance demands and processing downtime. Each of our products has a sanitary design enabling easy cleaning and providing it with the ability to withstand severe washdown and processing conditions.

As a ‘Made in the USA’ manufacturer, we are able to ensure our high quality control standards are always met. All of our customer service and sales staff operate from our New Mexico facility. When you need assistance, we provide direct help and fast answers.

Our Commitment to Quality

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Stay up to date on our latest innovations, upcoming tradeshows
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