Stainless Motors, Inc. is the Original Sanitary Stainless Steel motor manufacturer and the exclusive manufacturer of the patented Sanifan® Technology sanitary motor design.


Our proprietary mechanical shaft seal was designed to withstand the harshest washdown environments, ensuring a long-lasting motor – saving our clients unnecessary repair costs and expensive operational downtime.


Our XP motors are capable of enduring an explosion and remaining intact while operating at or over capacity. Engineered to maintain a low outer temperature to avoid the ignition of exterior flammables.

Sanitary design is the key feature of our stainless, washdown motors, gear reducers and couplings. Our stainless products not only look clean, they stay clean. Sanifan® motors with a crevice-free fan shroud mounting and a polished crevice- free stainless cooling fan increase cleanability during washdown and reduce the risk of hidden contaminants. Built with an integral spray endbell, Sanifan® PLUS motors provide unmatched cleaning ability for the ultimate addition to your existing Clean-in-Place (CIP) system.

As an industry leader, we are the sole manufacturer of stainless washdown Explosion Proof (XP) motors used in locations where hazardous liquids, vapors or dust exist. Our stainless Water-Cooled motors provide a sanitary and efficient means of energy recovery and savings for processors.

Standard washdown motors meet NEMA MG1, part 31 for inverter performance and are recognized by UL under component file #E135744 for the US and Canada. Hazardous location (XP) motors are UL approved under file #E321578. Our motors are IP66 rated and have a 1.15 service factor with a turndown ratio of 4:1 constant torque and 10:1 variable torque.

Sanitary Design Combined with Reliability


We know how costly production downtime is to your bottom line. Quality materials and expert engineering ensure the reliability and longevity of our products. Downtime for maintenance and equipment replacement is minimized. Productivity is maximized.

All of our products are assembled to order, allowing our customers to select the options right for them. When you partner with us, you are not limited to the stock models offered by other manufacturers. We will manufacture a motor or gear motor to suit your specific requirements. Send your specifications to our Sales Department and we will be happy to assist you.
We will work together to ensure that the end product will be well-suited for your application.